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  • Adnan R Amin

    The writer is a strategy and communications consultant.

  • Poetic Justice

    Though he thought he had already died, the old poet found himself stumbling around a shady drugstore. Exhausted, as though from a long descent, the poet fell to the curb in a heap.
  • Rohingyas and the cost of kindness

    It is certain that the present Rohingya sensation will soon die down, and be replaced in public memory by something far more banal.
  • Silence Of Friends: Activism in the Modern Era

    Social media has opened floodgates of unexamined causes and unstoppable rebels. With the license to post/share anything and zero accountability, young men and women have taken to protests and activism over anything and everything.
  • Social ripples of rape

    When alleged rapist Shafat Ahmed and accomplice Shadman Sakif were arrested, and the former's father brought under investigation, I had decided not to write about the rape incident that took place in a hotel in Banani.
  • An idea whose time has come

    A great example of citizens failing to arrest political devolution is how a mediocre businessman – with a bad toupée, vocabulary of a fifth grader and freakishly small hands – danced his way to the American presidency.