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  • Interactive Gaming - A Case for Visual Novels

    In a game we're often forced to pick between wishing whether it had a better narrative or better gameplay. But you know what, why not just settle for a game that is purely narrative, forget gameplay or keep it to a minimalist aspect, you can always just enjoy a game that's mostly to entirely story.
  • Celebrating 80 Years of Superman

    It's no secret that superheroes are pretty in now, enjoying a period of popularity in the mainstream thanks to a golden age of superhero media, from films to TV to even video games. While the DCEU is a hot sprawling mess, Superman still remains an iconic and beloved character in the hearts of people around the world, and it's pretty safe to say we'd be missing an entire industry if it wasn't for him.
  • Cyber Privacy - why it should matter to you

    You've heard the age old adage “don't talk to strangers”, but funnily enough in the internet we end up talking a lot to strangers. In fact on the internet, information we'd formerly be conscientious about, like our daily activities that we'd probably once keep private in a diary, are now openly share without so much as a second thought. Given the massive boom in social media, and how easily we let our information be accessed, it's no surprise that data we share can be misused. And that brings us to our topic of today, cyber-privacy.
  • UEFA Champions League teams as people: 2018 Semifinals Edition

    Another year, another edition of the UEFA Champions League. And of course, it means singing "...THE CHAMPIOOOOOOONS!" and readying your meme game to roast your poor buddy whose team is gonna get knocked out all the while praying your team doesn't.What if such teams were like us people? What would be their stereotypes? Let's find out.
  • Evolution of Pokémon over the years

    Pokémon has come a long, long way. What started out as a small troubled production of an innovative, bold idea that had no guarantee of success is now a worldwide brand and a household name so strong your mom calls any monster-looking thing Pikachu.