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  • childcare

    Why aren't more men involved in child-rearing?

    For centuries now, the bulk of childcare has been resting on the somewhat “weak” shoulders of women. And while statistics differ contextually, worldwide, an estimated 66 percent of caregivers are female
  • The right to choose

    I have been asked this question a couple of times: Is women's clothing linked to their empowerment? I understand how in many cases
  • Talking about the unmentionable

    Globally, 2.4 billion people today do not have access to improved sanitation and 946 million still practise open defecation. It is estimated that only 26 percent of urban and 34 percent of rural sanitation and waste water services ensure hygienic separation of human excreta from human contact, and therefore can be considered safely managed (Hutton and Varughese, 2016).
  • Bonhishikha - Unlearn Gender

    “Issh lal lipstick, rastar meye shajte chaccho naki?” “Tumi radhte parona, jamaike khawaba ta ki?"
  • Accepting Diversity

    Share-net Bangladesh, a knowledge platform, organised the first discussion of its kind that focused upon SRHR (Sexual Reproductive