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  • Easy prey for predators

    The news that a schoolgirl was stabbed on Wednesday by an assailant to avenge the filing of a case against him by her brother shows

  • Curbing NPLs a losing game?

    Despite efforts by the central bank to restore some modicum of financial discipline in the state-owned banks with regard to

  • Still waiting for the dead bodies

    It is saddening to learn that the friends and families of the victims of US-Bangla Airlines plane crash are still waiting to receive the bodies of their departed loved ones. Needless to say, the relatives have gone through excruciating moments after the accident. Now, they are stuck at TU Teaching University Hospital, and at the time of writing, still waiting to see a glimpse of their loved ones who have passed away.

  • Political cadres-turned-kidnappers!

    A kidnapping ring allegedly headed by a leader of ruling Awami League's Harirampur upazila unit in Manikganj has been busted by RAB. Two individuals were abducted by the group from the city's Tejgaon area last Friday, put into sacks and beaten for three days.

  • Bank lendings crippled for a week!

    Given that no bank in the country is allowed to give out any loan if the CIB report is not generated, we would have thought that the BB management would have placed more priority on the IT server and those who operate the IT system.

  • Deafening silence of int'l community

    It goes without saying that we are in agreement with Adama Dieng, UN special adviser on the prevention of genocide, who did not mince his words when he said that the international community, including the UN, has failed to protect the Rohingya people.

  • US-Bangla Flight Crash in Kathmandu

    A moment of sorrow and grief

    The tragic US-Bangla plane crash at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu on Monday has left us shocked, saddened and at a loss for words. This is the deadliest civil aviation disaster in Bangladesh's history.

  • Rehabilitate the homeless quickly

    The fire that engulfed Mirpur slum on March 12 is said to have gutted 1,000 shanties leaving thousands with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These are people from the lowest income groups who lost all their meaningful possessions and literally have no place to go.

  • Justice for an abused, mentally challenged girl

    The news report by our Thakurgaon correspondent is both tragic and infuriating.

  • Shortchanging the poor

    Following a deadly landslide that claimed the lives of 127 people in Chittagong in 2007, port city authorities took Tk 10,000 each from 33 families of a landslide-prone slum five years ago, promising to relocate them to an apartment building.

  • Jaflong

    Workers' lives must trump profit

    On March 10, another stone quarry worker was killed while illegally extracting stones in the Jaflong area of Gowainghat upazila in Sylhet, bringing this year's death toll at illegal stone quarries in the district to 21.

  • flooded

    Invest in disaster preparedness

    As we observed Disaster Preparedness Day, it would be well to remind ourselves that disaster is a part of our lives and preparing for it must be a constant and dynamic feature of our lives too.

  • Farmers Bank to offload shares

    We thank the government for not caving in to the shareholders' demand to pump more money into Farmers Bank and instead convincing the bank to transfer 60 percent of its shares to four state-owned banks and the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh.

  • Genocide against Rohingyas

    We agree with the recent comments by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that the ongoing atrocities on the Rohingya community in Myanmar should be referred to the International Criminal Court for prosecution.

  • A losing battle?

    The news of Bangladesh's failure to reduce its child marriage rate is deeply disturbing.

  • An ugly show of police excess

    During the scuffle the Chhatra Dal activist was manhandled by the police and his clothes torn off. Other members of BNP were hurt in the tussle. What could possibly warrant such violent behaviour from those whom we have entrusted to be protectors of law and order?

  • Justice denied

    According to a report by Prothom Alo, 97 percent of these cases filed in five tribunals in Dhaka district, over the last 15 years, ended up with no conviction. Some cases described in the report are disturbing and constitute absolute examples of why justice delayed is justice denied.

  • ACC should bag all involved

    ACC, the anti-graft body, filed a police case against a former land acquisition officer at the deputy commissioner's office on January 17 for the embezzlement of Tk 5 crore. The ACC recovered Tk 92 lakh by raiding one of the accused's accomplices but this is only a fraction of the full amount.

  • rohingyas crisis

    What will the world do about Rohingyas?

    We commend the statement issued by the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights in recognising that Rohingyas continue to be victims of ethnic cleansing and forced starvation and that the Myanmar government says one thing to the international community and does something diametrically opposite to the Rohingya community.

  • A continuous struggle

    Quite some time has passed since these milestones in the long struggle for women's rights were achieved. Where do we stand today?

  • Cash in on jute renaissance

    Things have changed for the better for the jute industry in the last several years as the government has once again adopted measures to boost jute production in line with growing foreign demand for this versatile, bio-degradable fibre. And strict enforcement of the policy of mandatory use of jute for packaging in 17 products has enhanced its internal market greatly.

  • Is five years not enough?

    The lax progress in the Taqi murder case is deeply disturbing. Five years have passed since the seventeen-year-old boy was brutally killed in Narayanganj and Rab, the investigating agency in this case, has not yet been able to submit the charge sheet. It is frustrating to hear the same thing over and over again from the Rab officials that they would submit the probe report soon. How soon is soon enough?

  • Mosquito

    Mosquitoes are back with a vengeance

    It defies logic that every year we have to editorialise on the onslaught of mosquitoes before the rainy season begins.

  • Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

    Must everything be politicised?

    Every time an incident of militancy or extremist violence occurs in the country, the matter enters the realm of politics with the predictable mutual blame game between the AL and BNP.

  • Attack on a voice of reason

    We condemn the heinous attack on Professor Dr Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. We are horrified at the audacity of the assailant who stabbed the respected teacher and writer on Saturday. Thankfully, Dr Iqbal is out of danger at the moment, and the assailant is in custody. We hope for a proper investigation of this cowardly attack and that due punishment is meted out to the assailant, and his accomplices, if any.

  • Hats off to our silent heroines

    The Daily Star is delighted to have recognised the contribution of seven truly awe-inspiring women, whose relentless determination earned them The Daily Star-IPDC Unsung Women Nation Builders Award 2018.

  • Myanmar army

    Myanmar's military activity along the border

    We are deeply concerned at the events taking place along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

  • Another brutal attack by BCL members

    The barbaric attack on a second year student of Rajshahi Government College by some Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activists has left us shocked and outraged.

  • Community leaders' complicity in rape incidents

    Two incidents of rape reported by this paper on Wednesday, while tragic and shocking, brought out a stark reality about the culture of rape and how sometimes, the role of the local community leaders in patching up the matter instead of handing the perpetrators to the police sustain the crime rather than prevent it. The incidents occurred in Narayanganj and Noakhali respectively.

  • Kudos to Bangladesh's green factories

    The news that Bangladesh has more green RMG factories than any other country in the world is a delightful one. Over the last few years, Bangladesh's garment industries, the lifeline of the country's economy, have faced repeated calls to strengthen their factory safety and security.