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  • Escape

    My footsteps echo across the desolate chamber as I make my way to the small box in the corner. This unassuming device holds the only article of importance: a key, shaped like a vital organ. As I reach in, I hear the creak of the doorway behind me. Before my mind can process what is happening, my body is already in motion. Leaping to my left, I realise I haven't acted a moment too soon as something embeds with a dull thud into the wall, inches beside me. Turning around, I come face to face with my worst nightmare. Where others would greet his presence, I feel nothing but disdain. Even in mortal form, there is no mistaking the feathery appendages protruding from behind, or the quiver peering out beside his neck.


    I can still recall my mother trying to wake me from my deep slumber a little before dawn. She restlessly told me to pack up what I need, and that she would explain everything in time. In our hurry, we only had time to take food and water with us. Almost immediately, we left the only home I had ever known and began walking towards a destination that was still unknown to me.

  • Mom

    My mom and I share a special bond of nine months. I still remember the first time she saw me. The picture quality wasn't that great, nor was my pose. The ultrasound technician was probably trying to take candids but my mom didn't conceive no girl who don't slay.

  • Home

    Let me tell you the story of how I fell in love with the ocean. I stood there, on the glistening, silver sand and I let the wind flow through strands of my hair and beyond. I let it blow through decks and heaps of angst I've been holding on for ages, and I finally let lose.

  • Riderboy

    It had been nearly an hour. I have no idea how I ended up with this man alone at an ice cream shop. The five of us came here during our class break and somehow or some way, three of them left me with quite possibly the strangest boy I have ever talked to. He was staring at me with narrowed eyes like I was a fugitive from the law.

  • The Fountain Frog

    The sea's calmness would pull one in with its tentacles. The sea never runs out of tentacles, because of course, the sea is always thick with octopuses. It would be plain wrong if it ever did run out of them. One would find it hard to believe how calm the sea was. If you were a boat, you would find it rocking you back and forth, sometimes caressing as well, as if you were a baby cradle. An outrageous sea below the

  • Windless

    “Take it or leave it. You won't get a better deal anywhere in the Sector-C,” grumbled the man behind the counter. His voice made even more indecipherable through his respiratory device. R-no knew the man was right. Not because the man was demanding a reasonable price compared to the others, but because he knew for certain no one else had the little ornament he had, tucked safely in his palm as he glared impatiently at R-no.

  • The Transparent House Guest

    When Ms. Sherbet Clearwater moved into her new one-bedroom apartment in the city, she didn't exactly expect to find a rude teenage ghost in the closet. Nothing about this apartment stuck out as a red flag but now she is on the verge of a heart attack. She is looking at the ashen face of someone who probably once was a fifteen year old living person. She is regretting every decision that has led up to her moving in here.

  • 4 A.M.

    I lay awake at the dead of the night,

  • Black Book

    There it is again —the pitch black void that I am so accustomed to. How many times has it been? Sixty? Six hundred? I can't remember. But this all feels so familiar, almost like a part of my soul that's been with me since I was born. I could never tell what happened prior to this, only flashes of a wrecked boat on a stray rock and a violent storm. I can only imagine I was traversing the vast expanse of water only to be shipwrecked. The muffled thunder roars above me. The storm is raging on.

  • The cemetery ghost

    Shukumar, the old cemetery caretaker's time was up. Destiny had a little yet important role to play. It made an driver under the influence crash an SUV into the graveyard. 58 year old Shukumar was hit by the SUV as it ploughed right into the fence beside which he always sat. He was a bird watcher. Sometimes when there weren't any birds, he fixed his gaze on the plants. His eyes would start from the visible roots

  • Colourful

    Colour the trees and shade my eyes

  • Dénouement

    “Come on, man,” Irfan ushered Tahmid on “You have officially lost the bet, and now we get to hear THE big, dark, evil secret that you have been keeping from us!” The five of us were sitting inside our regular rendezvous spot, which was Raju mama's tea stall and this was an intense moment, we were trying to get Tahmid to spill the beans.

  • The Fortnight's Wind Blew

    The Box was a cold place, all the more chilly during the storm. All those who came along with me on this voyage, had already passed on, but here I remained.

  • Behind The Scenes Of A Personal Exorcism

    In the grand scheme of things, I am insignificant.

  • too much time

    why do I write if I am so apathetic?


    After the sun hides itself, Leaving trails of flame


    Blind to the beauty of this world

  • Invisible

    We're in the sky now. I insisted on the window seat, of course. It's been about two hours that we've been airborne now. I tried to get

  • Streaks

    She watched the flashing hourglass beside two pink hearts, six hundreds and the number 658.

  • Fierce Rain

    Rearing a fierce rain inside.

  • Before

    I used to be a pretty big nerd, before. I'd willingly spend time on education. Before, studying didn't seem so draining. Things are different now though, and they say having a personal goal helps. So my personal goal is to study.

  • Dear Henry

    Things haven't been the same since you left us. We've all been stuck here in this pit of misery and we're hoping you'll come back, but we're all too painfully aware that you never will, regardless of how much we want to.

  • Missing

    The yellow of the sodium streetlamps failed to cut through the foggy winter night as I paced towards my destination. I was probably going to be late again. Pulling my jacket tighter, I shivered as the cold wind blew against my already numb cheeks, rendering them a shade of dark red.

  • Huntingtown

    Stacks and racks of cats

  • Winter, Grief, and Glee

    The sky was a sickly shade of sepia.

  • The Little Survivor

    Anarchy caused by a ruler's unfair reign,


    We cross the street, heading towards opposite directions, and catch ourselves looking at each other for a fleeting moment, before we walk away. Your form is as familiar as ever and I know you recognise me too.

  • Ships and the anchor

    She groaned wearily and shut her eyes, pretending she'd never heard it.

  • Return

    "In an envelope made of sleepless nights,