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  • What kind of drink are you?

    You are basic. Though you can blend in with everyone easily, not everyone has strong feelings for you. Some take you for granted unless they are almost dying. Some use your existence and are actually grateful to you; some just take advantage of you all the time and never express gratitude. Despite the negativity, you should focus more on the most positive side of things, that is, your cousins always follow your lead. You are literally the first one of your kind.

  • Urban Dictionary - Dhaka Edition

    Badbuzz (can also be substituted by pera): A feeling that demolishes all your happy vibes and kills all the “feel good” hormones in your body. You might wake up a content person, cherishing the rainbows and butterflies with a spring in your step, when suddenly something or someone evokes this “badbuzz” in you and all your vibrations for the rest of the day will be out of tune.

  • Stages of posting an Instagram picture

    You've been dormant on Instagram for a while now, and you need to come back with a BANG before your followers begin to doubt

  • Dealing with “biye kobe? “

    Are you a 20-something female with a bare ring finger on your left hand? If yes, then you're most likely hounded by the “biye kobe?”

  • The accounts of a terrible badminton player

    I will just come out and say it: I am a monkey when it comes to playing badminton, and not even the good kind that goes to space or

  • A day in the life of a keyboard

    I identify myself as a keyboard. I am the one without whom the prospect of writing this article would've seemed impossible. It has

  • A punny addiction

    One day in class I sat down next to my friend, only to find him glued to his phone. That was pretty normal, and I assumed he was hung up on another one of his failed relationships.

  • Types of Memes

    Yet another categorisation of a widely known subject? You betcha. Here are some types of memes.

  • Types of comments on memes

    I love a good meme as much as the next person, but sometimes the comments on memes end up being more entertaining than the source material.

  • How to deal with proper criticism

    I think there are two types of critics. The first one is that one moron who has his top so high up his bottom that he forgets that literally no one asked for his opinion (emphasis on OPINION).

  • 100% accurate book descriptions

    Are you tired of all the vague summaries written on the back of books like, “A thrilling story about a particular person who went through the typical ups and downs of life and how he/she overcame them”?

  • The evolution of jokes

    Jokes have existed ever since civilisation began running its course. It has developed at its own pace and has taken various forms over the years alongside our own evolution.

  • The blessings of a foodie buddy

    If you find your bond with your bestie strengthening with every delicious foodgasm and find yourselves lying back together releasing greasy burps, you'll definitely relate to this article.

  • Dear socks and slippers, I love you

    Picture this: a person wrapped up shivering under a blanket, really craving some hot chocolate/tea, reading this article. That's probably you right now. But under all those layers, the real heroes of this winter are those blessed socks and slippers.

  • The struggles of not being photogenic

    “Captain, we have a problem,” one of the little people in your head tells their overlord, who immediately tenses up. “What is it?” he asks warily. The little person turns on the screen which shows the outside world through your eyes.

  • favourite ice cream,

    What your favourite ice cream says about you

    Everyone's (usually) picky about their choice of ice cream. Some like single regular flavours like chocolate, some like it fancier like tiramisu, and some are just plain into bizarre stuff like green tea.

  • Trying to interpret Japanese TV commercials

    The Japanese are an eccentric bunch. If anime and manga haven't convinced you of it, then sitting through a few television advertisements should be enough to sway your opinion.

  • A day in the life of a cat

    My human seems to be sleeping quite peacefully. After all it's only dawn and she did go to sleep like a couple of hours ago.

  • Unlock your full potential with Rooh Afza

    Rooh Afza is like nectar for the soul. The term “Rooh” translates to the soul or spirit in Arabic, and “Afza” must mean something just as important.

  • Stages of an eating challenge

    Stages of an eating challenge

    The only thing we, as a nation, love more than food is, well, free food. Therefore, every new restaurant that comes along with their assortment of generic fast food decides to utilise this collective affinity towards free food to their advantage.

  • Types of texters

    Humans have a strange obsession with the classification of pretty much everything. While I'm more of a cat than a human, I still categorise stuff from time to time. So here are some common types of texters.

  • Every truth or dare game

    Suppose you're hanging out with a few friends, and the adda isn't quite firing up. For times like this, we've always resorted to party

  • A day in the life of Senti Claus

    “This year people will finally appreciate all the things I do for them.” This is the silent prayer that I utter to myself before I start my

  • How to be a decent neighbour

    I'm aware that I'm not exactly the ideal housemate. But I'm also not the one hauling around a bulldozer in my room at 2 AM, so I think it's safe to say that I win in comparison. I'd really rather be sleeping right now than teaching you how

  • Kacchi Biryani vs Burger

    There are all kinds of battles – boys vs girls, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Hillary vs Trump, yet one battle has managed to create a conflict among us Bangladeshis: kacchi biryani vs burgers.

  • What your position in a band says about you

    What your position in a band says about you

    The opinions expressed in this totally legit article are the writer' own, send all your hate to him. Plus he can't even play an instrument, what a loser.

  • Bookworm Peeves

    Bookworms usually tend to have it hard. By “it”, I mean “the book”, which they usually prefer to have in hard cover.

  • A day in the life of a deshi conspiracy theorist

    The day starts with me suddenly waking up in puddle of my own drool on the table. The laptop screen is frozen. The title on the webpage reads “Alien sightings in Dhanmondi!” I still haven't managed to crack the last case about Hatirjheel being the gateway to Atlantis, but I have decided to give it a rest for the time being. The place discharges a foul stench of waste that lingers in the air like the thick, malicious smell of Mordor.

  • I need to be liked

    To some extent, don't we all?

  • How to act on a first date

    Finally asked that boy/girl out? Great! You're halfway on your way to disappointmentville where you will be constantly let down but you'll still have to keep pretending you're having a good time and this is what you want; when we all know what you really want is just a donut.