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  • What goes on in a family WhatsApp group

    It started one Saturday morning when my weekend slumber was rudely interrupted by a buzzing of my WhatsApp. I opened the phone to find myself added to a new group entitled'We R Family' and six messages asking me to wake up, followed by 16 threads about the chores that were to be done by me before my mother got home. In that moment I knew, there was no going back.

  • Struggles of going somewhere new

    Anyone who says “every mistake is an adventure” has clearly never gotten lost in this side of the world. Going to a new place in Bangladesh is as much of an adventure as wiping a runny nose with sandpaper, and here's why.

  • Struggles of not being enough

    From the beginning of time, human beings have been classifying each other into groups. The primordial cells would only sit with other cells having the same proteins inside. So, why stop now?

  • How to not get roasted about your embarrassing past

    Most of you would agree if I said that your past life doesn't frame you in the most flattering light. I also know how it feels to have a past you want to erase, only to be thwarted by technology (thanks for nothing, Facebook memories). Over many such experiences of being roasted about cringe-worthy blasts from the past, I've amassed some priceless knowledge. With it, I make this guide to help you avoid the same fate.

  • write for Shout

    What it's like to write for Shout

    I remember when I attended my first SHOUT meeting, I was really nervous. Back then, I had not expected to come this far despite my shortcomings. Now, whenever I look back, I realise a substantial part of me has been moulded by my experiences at SHOUT. It is, perhaps, the same for all of us. Writing for one of the best youth publications of the country means that you are bound to face some unforeseen situations. Here are some of the things too familiar to SHOUT writers.

  • An ode to handwritten letters

    Rushing to the mailbox in the hopes of receiving a sealed envelope addressed to your name seems quite unnatural to us today. However, a proper, physical letter has almost a majestic feel to it. This article is an attempt to bring back the mailboxes and the romanticism that handwritten letters possessed.

  • Modern Day Heroes

    People say “chivalry is dead”, that we don't live in the age of heroes anymore. Gone are the days when people would rise up against injustice and oppression, break forth the shackles of the old and redundant to fight for all that is right. However, I sternly disagree with this sentiment and why should I not?

  • How to be a Bangladeshi pedestrian

    Living in this country, I'm sure you're aware of the existence of “overbridges”. You know, those built for safer road crossing and fewer accidents? No, you're never going to use those because you're a daredevil. Today I'll teach you how to be a proper pedestrian in Bangladesh.

  • Fishing: it's kinda possible here

    Fishing, or the more appropriate term “Angling” is a very interesting pastime. It's something we all know about, but very few of us have actually tried. I got to experience my first fishing session almost three years back at a lonely pond with my uncle. Since then, I've always held a particular fascination about this activity. If you're interested to try out fishing for the very first time, here's a list of guidelines and tips to give you a positive experience.

  • YouTube channels for learning instruments

    Want to jam to your favourite tracks but don't know how to get started? It can be very intimidating to learn a new instrument, but everything is easy with a little bit of direction. This is why I've compiled a list of YouTube channels to follow for when you're starting your musical journey. These are guaranteed to get you on the path to musical competency provided you practice regularly.

  • Should you really “read” audiobooks?

    I am not proud of it, but like most literary critics, I had never equated audiobooks to reading an actual book. I had always been sceptic about the notion of listening to a book and rolled my eyes every time someone claimed to have “read” a book via a voice narration.

  • Honest ads of fast food places

    If there is one thing that we have learnt from the booming restaurant business, it is that probably there is nothing we love more than food. And in order to cater to our insatiable hunger, new food places open up every day. What if these restaurants made honest ads about themselves?

  • Struggles of letting things go

    Moving on is generally difficult, but this is amplified when cherished objects are concerned. I am, of course, talking about the things that have shaped our childhood/past but can no longer be kept for sentiment's sake. Here are some of the things whose losses have left me with unresolved abandonment issues.

  • Why I prefer solitude

    One might love to spend their entire day alone, listening to “High Hopes” by Kodaline followed by some other songs. While one might love the thought at first, it might just grow stale after half an hour or so. This is what mainly differentiates a person who loves solitude from one who doesn't.

  • Pros and cons of having a small extended family

    Most people have a large extended family that stretches beyond to some relationships that you probably didn't know existed. This wasn't the case for me, as my extended family is quite small. So let's take a look at all the blessings and curses it brings.

  • Living without music for a week

    My eyes fluttered open to hip hop beats unfamiliar to my ears. Like reflex, I got up and started dancing to the tunes until realisation

  • Types of People at a Graduation Ceremony

    To put it bluntly, graduation ceremonies are quite the bummer. If you're expecting the audience to burst into applause when you walk

  • Third wheeling tips

    Of all the sacrifices we make for the people we care about, third wheeling must be the most taxing. Regardless of how much you care

  • Life lessons from YouTubers

    Boy, has YouTube come a long way. In the twelve years since its conception, it has given us some wonderful content. Over time this content has shifted from funny cat videos to whatever the popular YouTubers can dream up. Mostly vlogs, since they're so “creative”.

  • Struggles of a Male Non-Gamer

    Video games are an integral part of the life of an average urban young male. Starting from trips to the local games store to purchase CDs of classic games such as Need For Speed, Call of Duty, Grand Theft

  • What your favourite shoe says about you

    They say you shouldn't judge a person unless you've walked a mile in their shoes. Well I'm feeling a little rebellious and I'm about to judge you just by the type of shoe you wear. *pushes in glasses and sips tea*

  • Things you look forward to at the start of each year

    Another year has begun and it’s quickly passing which means all the annual events you love are going to come up very soon. It’s exciting to think about all the new stories and adventures that await you.

  • A bookworm's enemies

    We know bookworms to be the bunch that enjoys reading and everything bookish. However, our joy of reading is always surrounded by some lingering enemies. Before using the Avis spell on the enemies, let's discover them.

  • Which holud dancer are you?

    Gaaye holud (if you refer to it as “body turmeric” or “haldi” I already hate you without even knowing you), in my opinion, is likely to have as many characters as the TV show Game of Thrones. It's obvious you and your friends will relate to this, so tag yourselves.

  • A day in the life of an overthinker

    Anika woke up with her shirt drenched in sweat. As she tried to put bits and pieces of the nightmare together, she realized she had seen her crush Badrul's ex-girlfriend chasing her with a jharu in her hand.

  • Stages of enduring a bad movie

    Given how productive Holly, Bolly and Dhali-wood are, it's inevitable that there will be some below-par movies among the Oscar-worthy ones. Of course, below-par movies have nothing on bad movies.

  • The Cold War of 2018

    Winter used to be a short, delightful break from the scorching, sweaty summer and the muddy, flooded days of the rainy season. It brought with itself the gift of wedding feasts

  • Reasons not to merge your school and university social circles

    As much as I dislike the concept of divisions, I've a list of things that I think need to be divided- school and university friends are definitely on top.

  • What is consent?

    Webster's dictionary defines consent as “to give assent or approval”. The meaning is easy enough to understand but still there are millions out there who are struggling to fully understand the concept of “consent”.

  • What's it like to have a common name

    Being someone born with an inherent identity crisis, whenever I come across my namesake, my first instinct is usually to prove to them that I am the alpha and establish superiority because I tend to get highly