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15th I.D.C. National Debate Festival 2018
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15th I.D.C. National Debate Festival 2018

Ideal Debating Club of Ideal School and College is going to arrange 15th I.D.C. National Debate Festival 2018

  • Build Bridges, Not Walls

    We love building walls because they give us an illusion of security. We even keep building strong walls so that, we can separate ourselves from those different from us because we feel safe behind the walls.

  • Bringing a Writer and His Readers Together

    A phenomenal story was widely shared on social media some time back about Mohammad Momin Uddin, a CNG auto-rickshaw driver and a father of two children, who wrote and published an English learning book in Bangla for students of Grade I to X. Mr Momin hopes to get children of the underserved sectors involved in the process of reading, promote childhood literacy, and encourage children to give back to their community. On February 21, 2018,

  • Youth Opportunities

    An ambassador will be recruited from every school, college, university and institute; who will be representing Youth Opportunities in their respective institution. This is an opportunity to be a part of an international platform. Applications are being accepted now.

  • IHF Annual Charity Gala Night

    It's Humanity Foundation (IHF) organised its second Annual Charity Gala Night at the Lakeshore Hotel and Apartments on March 17, 2018. The fundraising event was held with a view to bring together all the

  • Comics


  • Ataul's Gift of Safe Drinking Water

    On March 22, many organisations and leaders of Bangladesh widely celebrated Water Day. Ataul Karim, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and owner of ABM Water Company, has conceptualised a way to face the challenge of the severe drinking water crisis in Bangladesh. He says, “At my locality in Sylhet, the drinking water has a high concentration of iron. At first, I didn't have the know-how, but, I started to explore the field of water resources. So, I studied

  • Youth Opportunities

    The conference will present new knowledge, promote world-class solutions, and engage a broad spectrum of voices. It will focus on several issues from health, nutrition, education, economic and political empowerment to human rights, good governance, and girls' and women's agency and equality.

  • British Council Celebrates #PressforProgress

    On March 8, 2018, the British Council arranged daylong events to celebrate International Women's Day 2018, at their premises.

  • Recurring Life

    Let me introduce myself. I am Aqua, I am made out of oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, so you can probably guess what I am. I live in the ocean with my many, many siblings. Most of them have been separated from me. Water particles aren't very close together as we are always busy moving around and working. Although sometimes you occasionally bump into another molecule you know, the problem is, once you've bumped into them, you have to

  • Building Bridges through Leadership Training Junior (BBLTJ)

    Month-long programme designed for secondary school students in grades 6 to 10

  • It is all about positive energy!

    Energy can never be dissolved. It is transformed from one form to another and human beings have the capability of attracting energy from outside source. Whether we attract positive energy or the negative, it completely depends on us. This is what Sonia Bashir Kabir taught the participants of the third session of Coffee with Mentor.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Candidates interested in working for an international award-winning platform, where they can develop their skills as well as empower others, can apply for the Youth Opportunities Summer Internship 2018 programme. The interns will be working in the Operations and Social Media Department for six months.

  • SUST National Debate Competition

    The Grand Finale of IPDC Finance SUST IV 2.0 was held on February 3, 2018. The Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) School of Debate organised this weekend long debate festival. Two separate tournaments were arranged in Bengali and English during the programme.

  • Youth Parliament 2018

    The sixth session of Youth Parliament was successfully conducted at the Chittagong Boat Club on February 23, 2018, under the initiative of Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF). The session was inaugurated by Advocate Sultana Kamal, Advisor to the Former Caretaker Government, with the support of Confidence Cement and WELL Food Limited.

  • "Pajore Chandroban" Set for Theatre Olympics in India

    Time and again theatre has proved itself to be a powerful platform to explore the stories of human life. On March 9, 2018, the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy was transformed into a space that depicted the stories of the refugees, forceful migration, murders, ethnic conflicts, as well as stories of corruption in our society and worldwide. The young graduate students of Theatre and Performance Studies Department, Dhaka

  • Battle of The Brush 3.0

    JCI Dhaka West in partnership with Kiron is hosting an art competition titled “Battle of the Brush 3.0” on March 17, 2018.

  • Jims Tech-BUP 1st National Quiz Festival 2018

    Quizzers Society of Bangladesh University of Professionals (QSBUP) is going to organise its very first “Jims Tech-BUP 1st National Quiz Festival 2018” from March 14 to 16, 2018, at the university premises located in Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka.

  • Spark* Bangladesh Accelerator 2018

    Fifth Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme

  • Lily: Vision in the making

    Women of this country often hesitate and feel unsafe on the thought of using a motorbike ride-sharing service because the rider was a male. Some of us might have thought, “What if there were female riders?” For them, there is good news.

  • Buried Sorrows

    You come to this world

  • Winter Wonderland Au Revoir Winter !

    Winter is known to be the most favourite season for many of us. However, for some of us, this year's bitter-cold winter experience may not have been delightful, since 2018 marks the lowest temperature of Bangladesh.

  • Youth Opportunities

    “Not Her Fault” is a seminar on women empowerment for the youth, which addresses the patriarchal stigma, victim blaming, rape culture and gender disparity in Bangladesh.

  • Numu and Jojo

    In the amazing world of Numu and Jojo

    When his mother was killed, Jojo was too young to take care of himself. Numu brought Jojo to foster, but soon, she fell in love with her four-legged best friend and decided to adopt him. Thus, the amazing journey of Numu and Jojo began.

  • Back with a blast!

    Helping the youth become more enthusiastic towards science and technology

  • 5 Tips for Writing Your First Short Story

    The recent month of February not only had the first day of Spring, but also, the International Mother Language Day. We remembered all the struggles that the Bangladeshis went through for our mother tongue with love and respect, and in this regard, we paid visits to the place of knowledge – the Ekushey Book Fair. Different aspiring authors also came out with their publications in the fair.

  • Youth Opportunities

    USTC Chinese Government Scholarship 2018 [Fully Funded]

  • 100 Top HR Tech Minds

    The World HR Congress and CHRO jointly awarded Ajeyo Rohitashwo ~ Al Quazi, aamra's Group Chief People Officer (CPO), with three awards recently. Ajeyo was honoured with “100 Top HR Tech Minds” award, which was given for Ajeyo's contribution in aligning HR activities with the technology. Ajeyo received the second award for being in the “100 Top Global HR Minds”, which came as a result of his remarkable works in bridging the gap between 4th

  • Registration for Astro-Olympiad 2018 closes on March 9, 2018

    The regional level competition of the National Museum of Science and Technology Astro-Olympiad 2018 is going to be arranged on March 10, 2018, followed by the national level competition on March 23, 2018.

  • "Build a business leveraging Facebook"

    On February 23, 2018, ShopUp hosted their first SuperSellers workshop, powered by The Daily Star, with Star Youth, The Daily Star, as the youth engagement partner. The event took place in the Daily Star premises, with various online business owners taking part in it to get valuable insights on the possibilities of online marketing and how they can use various methods to enhance their

  • National Tech Competition at SUST

    An opportunity for tech enthusiasts